Proper Carpet Recycling with Our Convenient Flooring Reclamation Program

Disposing of your old, unwanted carpet is easy and hassle-free. Take a step in a greener direction with floor recycling services from Ryan Carpet Sales & Service, Inc. in Youngstown, Ohio.

Environmentally Aware

With today's elevated awareness of the environmental issues facing the world, Ryan Carpet Sales & Service, Inc. is pleased that we have implemented a carpet reclamation program. The program is flexible enough to accept and recycle virtually all carpet materials, any fiber, from any manufacturer.

Our Process

  • We meet with you, discuss your flooring needs, explain our recycle program, and then provide you with a detailed quote, with no hidden costs, for your flooring project.
  • We provide INSTALL-Certified mechanics, who will remove and recycle your old carpet quickly with minimal disruption to your business.
  • We store, and then transport the old carpet to the reclamation site. 
  • We provide you with a reclamation certificate upon request. 

Contact us to make carpet recycling easy and hassle-free.